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My thoughts jostle and strive
For they each crave to be the one
That occupies my mind
But they are blocked pushed back never to be the one

For I can not seem to shake these thoughts of you
My every waking hour is last to you
This lustful contemplation is devouring my soul
So here I end it now

For unrequited love will always be bitter and cold
So now this revelation has fallen from my jaw
Please do not say you do not want to talk anymore
Just come to me we can become as one

Our spiritual body intertwined
Never to be parted on this plane or the next

This life has shown me nothing but pain
To give so much yet nothing I gain
I live to love but not receive
This game they play only to decieve.

A world of torture I do but feel
No love is anyone willing to reveal
Yet on I go with hope in heart
That in my life he will take part.

Within the past I do not live
The future has all but hope to give
To venture on this path I take
The quest for love my own I make.

- Aparna Sanaka '02

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