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Hi Aparna, the new look to ur website is cool shit.... I mean its real good when compared to ur earlier ver. The pages are very much lighter than ur previous once. The site tells a lot about u and it really matches ur exp.
Rajesh Kutty | Wed, 11 May 2005

Way to go dear.
Harish Nair | Wed, 11 May 2005

Hi Aparna, I am Rajesh working with Nihilent Technologies at Pune as a UI designer. Just gone through your website. Very neat and usable piece of work. Showcases your strengths experience positively. All the best. Cheers. Cake photos are too yummy. If u plan to conduct a UAT of cakes remember me first.
Rajesh Gode | Thur, 12 May 2005

Great Work.
Jitu | Thur, 12 May 2005

Cool ya, Looks great.
Keep it up.
Shalini S. | Thur, 12 May 2005

Nice site Aparna I like it. Colour combos, Layout structure. I like the knowledge section and My words and definitely the Soulspace. Just keep it up

Surjeet Choudhary | Thur, 12 May 2005

The website is too good. Everything is very well organized.Too good dear. A very good luck ahead. U have brighter than the brightest future ahead.
bye....Aapka Shubh Chintak - the Last Action Hero

Rakesh Anchan | Fri, 13 May 2005

Your website looks excellent...fresh and colorful...love the colors change as the links...

Gita Sethi | Thur, 09 June 2005

Too good yar i really like this website great work keep it up.

Ashwath Shetty | Thur, 30 June 2005

Till yesterday I knew you as a down-to-earth colleague, a nice n cheerful person. Only today after looking into your website did I come to know more about you and your achievements. Apart from your gr8 works I really liked your site for the way you had presented the information, your baby pictures n ofcourse your amazing desserts. My best wishes for you. Regards Geetha

Geetha R | Fri, 23 September 2005
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