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Achieving a top web position is no accident. In fact, you would probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning than having your website "accidentally" end up in the top position on the major search engines.

Web positioning, or search engine positioning, is one of the most preferred marketing strategies for websites. Studies show that 95% of all people using search engines use one of the major 10 engines, and furthermore, that people only look about 30 deep in the results. Having a great web site that doesn't get pulled up in the top 30 positions is like having a wonderful billboard out in the middle of the woods. No one is going to see it.

If web positioning is done carefully, your site will attract very targeted visitors who are more likely to be customers or recipients of the services that your business is offering. Good web positioning starts with good design techniques, and it must be considered as early as the conceptual design stage of a website. In web design, the person responsible to ensure good web positioning is called a web positioner.

Web Positoning skills
  •   Experience in keyword study
  •   Knowledge of meta tags
  •   Proficient in Search Engine Optimization procedures
  •   Understanding Search Engine placement
  •   Web traffic analysis
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